Ozzie Smith (and Budweiser) Wants Opening Day To Be National Holiday

Baseball’s Opening Day has turned into a holiday for most fans. That’s why there should be no surprise that former St. Louis Cardinals shortstop and Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith has started a campaign (with corporate backing from Budweiser) to make Opening Day a national holiday. He is trying to get 100,000 signatures within 30 days which would trigger a review from the White House about the subject.
There are a lot of people who skip work or school on Opening Day to head to the ballpark or to just stay home to watch their favorite team begin the season. Is it a national holiday though? Probably not because there are going to be people who want their sport’s opening day be a national holiday.
Baseball is America’s pastime and generations have gone to the ballpark heading to places like Fenway Park and Wrigley Field to see the Green Monster or the ivy on the walls. The Wizard of Oz has a point and especially in St. Louis but this is something that will likely fall short in the end. It doesn’t mean one month from now, a lot of people won’t be calling in “sick” for the day.

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