Veena Malik: 32 Hot Pics For The Bollywood Bombshell's Birthday [PHOTOS]

Veena Malik turns 30 years old today–that being February 26th, 2014–and it’s okay if you don’t know the sexiest and most scandalous gal in Bollywood. Veena still loves America enough to have come here to get married this past Sunday. For the second time, but only in the sense that the Pakistani actress was having her official fairytale wedding in Washington, D.C. after a more rushed affair in Dubai.
So today’s probably more pleasant than the time that Veena Malik celebrated her birthday by breaking the Guinness World Record for  getting the most kisses in a single minute. That was the kind of thing that turned Veena into the most controversial sex bomb to hit India since porn star Sunny Leone. We’ve celebrated Bollywood sex symbols like Bipasha Basu and Freida Pinto, but Veena has really shaken up the scene–to the point that she’s now considered to be the Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton of Bollywood.
There’s no kind of big cultural difference there. Veena started out as a television comedienne, and helped bridge the gap between Bollywood and Lollywood (that’s the Pakistani film industry) with the 2003 co-production Pind Di Kuri. Veena didn’t let her big-screen leap keep her from being one of India’s sexiest models, and she also had a dramatic love life that kept her in the tabloids. Veena’s embraced her bad girl status, and has worked it better than her American contemporaries. Lindsay Lohan couldn’t get her Linda Lovelace bio off the ground, but Veena had a big hit last year with Dirty Picture–based on the story of pioneering South Indian erotic actress Silk Smitha.
Sadly, Veena’s wedding to businessman Asad Bashir Khan Khattak may be the end to her own erotic career. She’s been talking about retiring from sexy scenes and only making movies with meaningful messages. That’ll be a real loss for Western guys who’ve just discovered her–but, as you’ll see below, Veena’s already left behind one fine body of work…

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