Fan Gets Ejected From Auburn Basketball Game

There are times where referees just can’t take it anymore from fans heckling them. Michael Hardin learned that the hard way on Wednesday night during a SEC battle between Auburn and South Carolina. Hardin was ejected by referee Ted Valentine in the second half for evidently yelling at Valentine throughout the game. Hardin, an Auburn season ticket holder, claims he didn’t use any profanity and just telling Valentine to ‘blow your whistle’ against South Carolina players.
If Hardin truly didn’t use any profanity, then he has a case–but there is something more to this story. Referees don’t just kick fans out of games for yelling at them. If that was the case, there would never be any fans to be found in the stands.
While Auburn did win the game, Hardin didn’t get to see it from his courtside seat, but instead from somewhere else in the arena. It could be a lesson to other fans who want to annoy referees around the country to be watching to see where Valentine is and keep their mouths shut during those games even if they are annoyed by his calls.

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