Polar Bear Girls Get Bare For Polar Bear Day [PHOTOS]

You might find a lot of bizarre footage airing on your news programs tonight–because today is February 27th, and that’s the annual day for assorted Polar Bear Clubs to hit the beach and bathe in freezing waters. This is a rough year to be a Polar Bear Club member, too. The country’s deep in the grip of yet another icy spell. We mean icy for even a typical February. Fortunately, that doesn’t stop the determined Polar Bears.
And it’s especially fortunate that cold weather can’t stop the Polar Bear Babes. Check out these pics to see some truly hearty women who aren’t afraid to strip down and expose their epidermis to freezing temperatures. We should also note that a lot of them are doing this for assorted charities, too–and you’ll see an assortment of all kinds of ladies here. That includes a mix of built beauties and sturdy real gals who all look like marriage material to us.
Not just because we admire their spirit, but because any gal who puts up with freezing ocean waters can also put up with the icy exterior of a COED staffer whenever a relationship gets serious. Honestly, we don’t know what’s wrong with us. Anyway, that doesn’t matter nearly as much as the (maybe fetishy) fun of watching hot gals in cold waters. So take a dip into this gallery–the water’s far from fine…

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