Right-Brained? Left-Brained? Test Lets You See if You're Special As Us

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Are you using your right side of your brain more than the left side of your brain? Or vice-versa? Let us lay down the science: The right hemisphere of your brain controls muscles on the left side of the body, and the left hemisphere controls the right side. The left hemisphere is what controls your hearing, speaking, memory, and is also in charge of solving math problems. Logic is also supposed to be hanging out there.
Then you have the right hemisphere doing stuff like recognizing faces and digging music and doing the simplest kind of math–like, “Hey, these four cups might equal a quart.” Most importantly, the right side handles visual imagery and makes sense out of stuff. That includes figuring out another person’s emotions through their tone of voice.
So the left side is kind of scientific, and the right side is creative. Figure out which side has taken over your existence with the above test. Maybe you’ll be really fortunate like a certain COED writer and have equal control over both parts of your brain. Then the test says, “Congratulations” while giving the results. Does the test say that to everyone? We can’t tell, because we don’t know how to rig the test. That must be something that you left-brainees or right-brainees can do. Yeah. Rigging tests. That’s typical.

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