Royce White May Get New NBA Chance With Sacramento Kings

Royce White’s professional career has been an epic disaster–but it appears that he is going to get another chance at the NBA. The Sacramento Kings appear likely to sign White to a ten-day contract, according to a report in USA Today. White was originally drafted by the Houston Rockets, but never played a game there because of issues involving his social anxiety and a fear of flying.
There is no disputing that White is a very good basketball player but at some point, NBA teams are not going to want to deal with White’s issues as valid as they may be. Hopefully White takes this opportunity and runs with it because it could easily be his last chance to be a professional basketball player.
It is only a ten-day deal, so there isn’t a ton of risk for the Kings and hopefully in the meantime, White can continue to work through his problems. He has had two chances already, and could be looking at his third strike (so to speak) and being out of basketball forever if this new deal doesn’t work out.

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