10 Scariest Diseases That You Can Catch In College [GALLERY]

Sometimes we completely forget to celebrate Rare Disease Day on February 28th. That’s not a good idea. We don’t want to piss off any rare diseases. Those kinds of things can get really vengeful. You’d think that the rare diseases would be happy just to have their very own website for Rare Disease Day–but, no, that’s not the case. Rare diseases always have to be clamoring for more attention.
There are even a few rare diseases that like to grab your attention by invading a guy’s system during his college years. That’s right. You can be a healthy young man who’s as physically fit as your average COED staffer (or more, even) and still get struck down by all kinds of scary rare diseases. We’re talking about the kind of things that’ll get your physician working through his House M.D.┬áBlu-Ray Box Set while trying to figure out why your pancreas has suddenly decided to make your eyeballs start bleeding.
Does that sound bad? Well, we’re probably not talking specifically about you. We bet that you’re the kind of totally healthy guy who won’t even be put off by a few disturbing images that can be found in the gallery below. So go ahead and enjoy a look at terrible things that won’t even remotely ever happen to a lucky guy like yourself. Rare diseases are just for old guys, right? Right, except for these…
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