An Ohio College Student Turned Vine Into a Cash Cow By Being a Jackass [VIDEO]

Logan Paul, a student at Ohio University, has become a Vine superstar simply by finding new and funny ways to injure and harm himself.
The college undergrad has amassed millions of followers just by becoming an extreme jackass in the short videos that he posts to his Vine account. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to the things he’s willing to do to get a laugh out of his followers. He throws himself around like a rag doll onto the cold, hard, unforgiving cement. He goes swimming in frigid, icy waters. He plays pranks on complete strangers who either laugh or yell at his shenanigans.
Paul’s ideas, however, are actually pretty clever. The majority of them don’t just feature him getting hurt for the sake of getting hurt. He surrounds them in clever concepts such as “getting into stranger’s cars” and filming their reactions or jumping into a frozen lake because he’s in denial that it’s winter and not yet summer.
His slapstick videos and self-marketing campaigns have earned him over 3.2 million followers on Vine. He’s been paid boatloads of money to create viral videos for companies and commercials like for the release of Just Dance 2014. Last year, he made the crossover to TV by taking over The Today Show’s Vine account after one of his YouTube compilation videos went viral. That’s not bad for an undergrad. Sure there’s the potential that he might seriously injure himself in one of his attempts but it beats having to work a second time job at the school cafeteria or the library just to have enough money to cover bar tabs.

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