Fitbit Detects When You’ve Fallen Asleep, Auto-Pauses Netflix [VIDEO]


Maybe the coolest thing to come out of Netflix’s Internal 24 Hour Hack day is the idea of  a user wearing a Fitbit while watching Netflix to determine when they’ve fallen asleep and then pausing the account. Imagine a world where you never have to scroll back through whatever show you’re binge watching and figure out exactly where your damn, useless body just stopped processing information and fell asleep.

A few great ideas came out of the internal hackathon. What’s a hackathon you ask? Basically it’s when a company encourages developers to build all the crazy stuff that they’d normally never dabble with, because of lack of time or maybe because their ideas are just too far from “the company vision” or whatever really.  A few other stellar ideas came out of it such as “Netflix Beam“, in which one can transfer your Netflix information and queue over to a friend’s tablet while you’re with them by “bumping” your phone next to theirs and also which presented a much easier way to search while using Netflix playing devices such as a Playstation 3.

However, the coolest idea has got to go to the “Sleep Tracker” idea. With intense and complicated shows like Breaking bad and House of Cards, you really can’t afford to miss even one minute and now thanks to technology, you won’t have to. Let’s hope Netflix continues on with this idea.

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