Some "Body" in Mississippi Woke Up in a Body Bag [VIDEO]

A man in Mississippi presumed to be dead woke up in a body bag at a funeral home just moments before they were about to embalm him. [Image by Mikamatto/Flickr]
Doctors declared Walter Williams of Lexington, Mississippi dead Thursday morning after they could not find a pulse and notified the family that funeral arrangements were underway but five hours later, they called it off when the funeral home said the body in the body bag wasn’t technically a body anymore. Funeral home employees said Williams was moving around and kicking inside the body bag trying to get out and they immediately notified the family that Williams was still alive. He’s back in the hospital for observation. The funeral home’s manager said such a thing has never happened to him.
It may sound easy to blame Mississippi’s health care system for almost sending a living man to a funeral home but so far, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that the doctors who treated him failed to notice any vital signs. He had no pulse or heartbeat and doctors officially had to declare him dead. Then he miraculously came back to life several hours later. If anything, that makes his ordeal even scarier to contemplate. Just imagine being declared dead and suddenly your body decides its time to wake up after they’ve put your body away for all eternity. If anything, it sounds like the makings of a great horror movie called Not Dead Yet or I’m Not Ready to Leave.

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