IFC Spirit Awards: Elisabeth Rohm (& Sideboob) Wins Red Carpet [PICS]

As usual, the annual IFC Spirit Awards were held the Saturday before the Academy Awards in California today–and the official idea is that the Independent Film Channel is honoring independent filmmaking. That’s all become kind of blurred in recent years, though. The IFC Spirit Awards have honored lots of major studio pictures over the years. The event is still supposed to be kind of anti-Hollywood, with the actresses toning down the glamour and sex appeal.
Fortunately, Elisabeth Rohm didn’t get that message. We didn’t expect her to steal the red carpet–especially since Elisabeth Rohm certainly wasn’t the first name in sex appeal in American Hustle. The movie scored lots of IFC Spirit Award nominations, but most of the attention went to Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. Personally, we also got excited over Dawn Olivieri.
Elisabeth Rohm, however, decided to come out front and center and sideways today. And by “sideways,” we mean a spectacular showing of sideboob that really shook up the IFC Awards red carpet. And good for her. After all, we’re talking about a gal whose first big movie for 2014 is Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark. Elisabeth deserves the chance to remind people that she’s a class act.
Otherwise, you might remember Elisabeth from a long stint on Law & Order that began in 2001, or maybe from a few episodes of Heroes. You’ll certainly remember her now–especially after checking out this gallery which combines some of Elisabeth’s sideboobage with other hot pics. We even found a shot from 2008’s The Kreutzer Sonata–but you’ll want to see that indie for a wild sex scene with simulated shots that are even too hot for COED. We think this’ll warm your Independent Spirit up just fine, though…

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