Big Mama's & Papa's Pizza (20 Locations!) Won The Oscars

It’s a tough break for fans of serious news, because we think the biggest news stories for tomorrow will involve Ellen DeGeneres’ massive selfie at the 2014 Academy Awards, and the pizza delivery that pretty much stalled the Oscars to a fatal stop. But there’s very good news for Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizza. That’s the humble pizza place that answered the phone when Ellen called in for a few pies.
Now, we’re kind of wondering how a humble pizza delivery guy managed to even get close to the Academy Awards. It’s not like the guy could’ve just pulled up and parked by the back door. But let’s go ahead with the magical illusion of Hollywood–in which case, there’s now  a pizza delivery guy who’s currently the most sought-after interview in Los Angeles. [UPDATE: We’ll give ABC News some credit for moving quick to confirm that the deliveryman was a real Big Mama’s & Papa’s employee.]
There are 20 different Big Mama’s & Papa’s locations, so we’re not sure where the delivery driver took the call. Fortunately, we don’t have to scramble after that big scoop. We will note that Ellen could’ve used a coupon to get two medium 13″ pizzas with two toppings each for $17.95. We also admire how the Big Mama’s & Papa’s chain keeps the menu simple–albeit with 30 different toppings.
So, good for that humble chain, and good for Ellen DeGeneres for not arranging some kind of major product placement for a fun gag. We sure wouldn’t have bothered writing about some Pizza Hut franchise. We prefer companies with marketing budgets that can only pay for something like this…

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