Boston College Wide Receiver Skips NFL For Navy SEALs

Another hot college football prospect has put off becoming a pro football player so he can instead serve his country as a Navy SEAL. Alex Amidon, a wide receiver for Boston College, quickly became a hot prospect among National Football League scouts as the next draft draws closer to its opening bid. He could easily earn a spot on a pro-football team since he finished 11th in the NCAA’s Football Bowl Subdivision, leading his team in receiving yards while winning a spot on the All-ACC team. [Image via Marion Doss/Flickr]
However, Amidon has decided to hold off playing pro-football so he can serve a higher purpose than breaking the league’s receiving yards record or helping to win a Super Bowl. Now that he’s done with college football,  he wants to join the Navy and become a Navy SEAL.
To call his decision admirable would be an understatement. Forgoing all the wealth and fame of a football career to serve your nation in the military is just about one of the more selfless acts we can think of for any human being. Right now, there is no one nobler on Earth than Alex Amidon. Not only that but he’s also joining of the most notorious and toughest branches of the military that a prospect soldier can undertake. Navy SEAL training is ridiculously tough and designed to break down the weakest of warriors so that only the best will survive and serve. We would wish him the best of luck but something tells us that anyone who makes a decision this selfless and gutsy doesn’t need it.

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