John Travolta Mangled Idina Menzel's Name At Oscars, Zac Did Worse [VIDEO]

You’d think that John Travolta’s bizarre wig would be the big story in the aftermath of the 2014 Academy Awards. Instead, the veteran film star is getting goofed on in a big way for not doing his homework before introducing Broadway star Idina Menzel–who was about to sing “Let It Go” from Frozen. “Let It Go” would go on to win an Oscar. Travolta’s introduction wasn’t even close to being prize-worthy. He kind of just made up a name on the spot…
Although this appears to be top news today, we’re thinking that most of the viewers at home didn’t catch this flub at the time. Idina Menzel still isn’t exactly a household name. But, in his defense, John Travolta really didn’t set the standard for bungled Oscar introductions. Check out former Disney hearthrob Zac Efron, who must have left his glasses at home. Or maybe the guy running the teleprompter was high, and cared more about the pizza that Ellen DeGeneres ordered than running the text for the celebrities. In any case, enjoy the guy who made Travolta look good by comparison…

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