The Attractive Convict Goes To Court: We Salute Her Memes [GALLERY]

You might not know her name, but you’ll certainly recognize the very attractive face of Meagan Simmons. Actually, you might know her name, as well, since Meagan Simmons was proudly saluted by COED last year. After all, Meagan Simmons had become officially Internet Famous  after her 2010 mugshot circulated around the web to became a very popular meme.
Simmons is now suing a background-check service named for using her  infamous mugshot photo in an advertisement. The photograph–as taken at the Hillsborough County jail–has circulated on the internet and joined lists of Best-Looking Mug Shots. It was even featured in a presentation of good-looking mug shots on the TV show Inside Edition. Simmons filed the proper lawsuit last week, and claims that InstantCheckmate used her photo for commercial gain in an advertisement without compensation or consent.
The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages and an injunction to prevent further use of the photo. We’re not entirely sure how much merit there is to Simmons’ claim, though. Anyone can get access to mug shots. There’s not even an issue of copyright on those. For now, though, let’s just be glad that our Attractive Convict is looking at going back to court on the right( or at least legal) side of the law. And if she wins–well, let’s enjoy one last look at some favorite Attractive Convict memes…


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