25 Perfectly Looped (But Not All Soothing) GIFS

What is more soothing than an immaculate GIF? Nothing. They are the perfect time-wasters. But we also like perfectly-looped GIFs that kind of rattle our daily existence, too–and we’ve got both kinds in this pristine collection of GIFs that defy time and space. There are even a few GIFs here that are both soothing and unsettling, depending on how you feel about nature.
Your feelings may also be affected by how you feel about pop culture. There are a few memorable moments here–and while we’d like to brag about being Simpsons-free, we couldn’t resist two Futurama GIFs with similar subjects that sum up our late nights and early mornings.
You’ll also find a few assembly-line GIFs–but not too many, because that would be cheating. Besides, we’ve already put together a collection of cool assembly-line GIFs. We don’t find any of those particularly soothing, though. We mostly collected them because we’re not smart enough to figure out how things like chains get made. Did you know they use machines for that kind of thing?
Also please note that this GIF collection ends with the most perfectly-looped GIF of all time. It’s not exactly an obscure one, but it easily ranks as the GIF that the COED staff is most likely to be staring at when we’re being yelled at over missing a deadline. It’s also the perfect GIF to play after we’ve rapped back the perfect comeback to having missed a deadline. Just remember to not look at the trees in the background. It’s always the trees that screw up a perfectly-looped GIF…

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