"Batman: Arkham Knight" Video Game Trailer Doesn't Need Joker [VIDEO]

Fans of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games will be ecstatic to learn that the studio announced they they are working another Batman game with the release of the trailer for Arkham Knight.
The game studio announced their triumphant return to the Batman franchise after the mildly disappointing Batman: Arkham Origins unsuccessfully tried to re-bottle the energy that Rocksteady brought to the first two games. This version for the newest generation of video game consoles will not only bring the series back to its roots and conclude the trilogy that Rocksteady started–but it’s also going to bring a ton of new features and scary good graphics to an already excellent video game series. The trailer alone should generate all the excitement you’ll ever need for the new game.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUhcQvlOm7k&w=600&h=338]
Of course, the great thing about Batman and the Arkham games is the roster of villains who are guaranteed to show up and square off with the Dark Knight. Even though Batman lost his mortal enemy in Arkham City, the epic team up of the Scarecrow, Harvey Two-Face, the Penguin, Harley Quinn and many more should be able to fill the Joker’s purple loafers.
However, the coolest announcement is that players will actually get to drive the Batmobile. This is an answer to the prayers of every Batman fan who could only stare at the awesome vehicle in the last two games. The only way all this good news could be cooler is if it was hand-delivered by a Harley Quinn themed strip-o-gram.

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