Rob Ford Made It to Jimmy Kimmel on Time [Video]

Apparently Rob Ford likes to think of himself as an “average, hardworking politician.” The crack-smoking  Toronto Mayor is definitely anything but average, as we found out when he made his very highly anticipated appearance Monday night on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live show. He proved as entertaining as we’ve come to expect him to be within the last year.
One day before the Oscars, the late-night host actually personally picked Ford up at LAX. He then made a hilarious cameo during Kimmel’s Oscar special coming out “one day early.” On Monday’s show, Kimmel spared no jokes when it came to Ford. He  introduced the politician with, “Our first guest tonight has tripped, bumped, danced, argued and smoked his way into our national consciousness.”
Ford was dressed in an all-black tux with a bright red tie and handkerchief ,and threw shirts into the audience as he made his entrance. As soon as Ford sat down, Kimmel began to grill the mayor: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that you are here, Why are you here? What good could come of this? Have you ever seen the show?” His questions varied greatly. He asked if Ford was homophobic, to which Ford responded, “No, are you?” They talked about the famous crack use. Ford wants to know why the video was never released. He said: “So you spend millions of dollars following me around about a video, and then you don’t show it?” And, of course, they talked about Ford’s famous video where he talks about wanting to kill someone. Although Ford refused to tell Kimmel who he was talking about.
In general, Kimmel got Ford sweating…literally. At one point, he reached over to dab Ford because he was sweating so heavily during the interview. The late night host proved throughout the 4-part interview that he is just as at home having an intense interview with a politician, as he would be with joking with a TV star about whoever they’re dating. Good job, Jimmy. Check out part one of the interview below:



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