Two "Legend of Zelda" Fans Get Into an Epic Fight with Swords

A Legend of Zelda fanboy got into a fight–by which we mean a fight that got so bad, he stabbed the other guy with a very sharp and very real Master Sword.
The very real stabbing happened in Katy, Texas and didn’t involve an attacking Leever or Octoroc but a real person who’s still in the hospital recovering from their injuries. Eugene Thompson told the local media that he got into an argument with his girlfriend over the weekend and the fight got so bad that the girlfriend called her husband (yes, you read that right) to come over and intervene. Thompson tried to prevent the husband from entering his home but the girlfriend eventually let him in and he fled to his bedroom. Sadly, he didn’t have enough coins for a bomb so he instead grabbed a replica of the Master Sword modeled after the one used by Link in the Zelda games.
The unidentified husband didn’t believe Thompson was holding a real sword because Thompson claimed that he just “walked right into the point of the sword.” Thompson said he uses the sword for cosplay festivals and gamer gatherings and prides himself on his collection of authentic props. The fight continued from there and the two exchanged several blows. The husband sustained two stab wounds in the chest and leg from the sword and Thompson got smashed in the head with a flowerpot by the guy he allegedly stabbed. The victim is currently listed in serious condition unless a health fairy appears and restores his entire lifeforce.

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