"Transformers: Age of Extinction" Trailer: Dinobots & More [VIDEO]

The Autobots will roll out to battle for their very existence again this summer–according to the new trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction.
The new trailer also lays out a bit more of the story for the fourth movie in Michael Bay’s never-ending Transformers franchise. This time, Mark Walhberg will team up with the Autobots by playing a down-on-his-luck farmer who strips car parts to help pay for his daughter’s college tuition. And guess what, guys? He accidentally purchases a well-worm Optimus Prime still in his semi-truck form.
The government, however, seems to have other plans for him and the rest of the Autobots–who have gone into hiding after defeating the Decepticons at the end of Transformers: Dark of the Moon and being stranded on Earth after losing their homeland Cybertron in the great battle. You can see it all for yourself in the new trailer that hit the web earlier today.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9RbCIONll0&w=600&h=338]
It’s not entirely clear from the trailer if some new villain will battle the Autobots or if the Decepticons will rise from their spare parts bins to seek revenge against the Autobots in the new movie. That’s even though Optimus literally tore them limb from limb in the last film. If anything, it’s nice to see Bay and company tapping into the other classes of Transformers–such as what appears to be one of the Dinobots from the Beast Wars line. If Bay ever runs out of Transformers to fight the Autobots on the big screen, we could one day see an epic battle between the Transformers and the Go-Bots.

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