Zara Durrani on "Psych" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Zara Durrani on Psych

(9:00 pm EST, USA)

We’re heading into the final episodes of Psych, and the show is going to have to really up their game if they want to be fondly remembered by your humble See Her Tonight column. We like the show just fine (with a few quibbles about the past few seasons), but there hasn’t been nearly enough episodes with amazing guest stars like Zara Durrani.
You sure won’t find another guest star tonight who’s looking more exotic. Zara Durrani was born in Pakistan, but her world changed pretty rapidly when she ended up in Canada as a teenager. The striking brunette was soon working steadily as a model, and made a quick transition into acting. Zara is a real entrepreneur, though, and also put herself in front of the camera as an entertainment and fashion journalist. That’s in addition to a lot of charity work. (Speaking of charity, we’ll also charitably suggest the charms of fellow Pakistani Venna Malik.)
All of which has been going on in Canada, so the rest of the world hasn’t quite caught up with this international sensation. Tonight’s episode of Psych is really Zara’s big debut on the global stage–assuming Psych gets seen globally. We’re pretty sure it does. Zara is also about to hit the networks (so to speak) with an upcoming turn on Arrow that’ll really showcase her acting skills. We’re also looking forward to the upcoming Cancel, where Zara plays a manic-depressive ventriloquist. That sounds pretty cool–but not as cool as Zara looks in these amazing pics that’ll really psych you out…

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