Adrian Peterson Wants Michael Vick On Vikings

Adrian Peterson wants to make a run at a Super Bowl before his career is over. Peterson responded to a tweet from the NFL Network asking which team Michael Vick would make an instant playoff contender in saying that Vick would be perfect for the Minnesota Vikings. If the people in Minnesota are listening, they had better be seriously considering this.
Peterson is the heart and soul of the Vikings at this point of his career. The team is heading outside for the next two seasons with a new stadium being built and Peterson obviously sees the end of the line coming for him and wants to make a serious run at a title. Vick could make the Vikings someone to worry about and Peterson wants to find out if he can.
There are tough decisions ahead for the Vikings in getting back on the right track after a disappointing 2013 season. Maybe Vick is the answer. If Peterson has anything to do with it, he will be the answer.

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