Fan Rushes Court During UC-Santa Barbara-Hawaii Game [VIDEO]

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It appears that students or fans at college basketball games can’t stay in their own seats. It happened again Thursday night during a game between UC-Santa Barbara and Hawaii where a young man, believed to be a student, charged on the court to confront Hawaii coach Gib Arnold after Arnold went on the court to yell about a technical foul call. The fan was shoved away by Hawaii players and was escorted from the building in the end.
This situation could have been a ton worse if that fan had a weapon or wanted to attack Arnold because he was able to get right up in his face. It is shocking how lax the security was in this situation not rushing out there when this guy came running onto the court. Someone could have been very seriously hurt.
The days of fans and students court storming and otherwise could be ending very quickly with this recent rash of fan-player-coach confrontations. It is a terrible state of affairs at college basketball games.

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