Say Hello To Panama City Beach's Hottest Meth Dealer [VIDEO]

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Say hello to Elizabeth Fulton, a woman who was arrested this week for possession of meth and firearms. She’s one of four people in the past 24-hours who’ve been busted in connection to ice (love that word) that’s was supposed to move to Panama City Beach. Looks like PCB is trying to move up the list to #1 in our list of 20 Trashiest American Spring Break Destinations.
I’m just going to say it once: I’m really happy that she was taken off the streets before we landed in Panama City Beach next weekend. I’m not one to do meth, but she doesn’t strike me as looking like a meth dealer.

• She seems to have all her teeth.

• She weighs above 80 pounds.

• Zero facial scars/scabs.

• All her hair is still in the right place.

Call me old fashioned, but meth dealers are supposed to look ugly. So the fact that she looks normal enough (minus the obvious sad face because she just got arrested for selling drugs) makes her the city’s hottest meth dealer.
I’m just happy that she’s behind bars now. Not because justice has been served or anything, but solely because there’s a good chance a woman like Elizabeth could have approached me and sold me on pretty much anything. Even meth. Who knows?

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