Ray Parker Jr. Gets a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Singer, guitarist and composer Ray Parker Jr.–composer of the Ghostbusters theme song–finally won a spot along Hollywood’s illustrious Walk of Fame.
The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce awarded Parker a star on their long sidewalk of famous actors, writers, directors and musicians. His name site next to such familiar names as Herbie Hancock, Sam Cooke, Dizzy Gillespie and The Funk Brothers who he worked with before penning the movie theme to Ghostbusters that would make him a household name.
Parker got his start in the heyday of Motown as a studio guitarist for groups like The Spinners and The Temptations before he turned 18 and got one of his biggest breaks when he toured with Stevie Wonder who performed at concerts with the Rolling Stones. Before he turned 21, he was living in California cutting guitar riffs for bands and singers who were cranking out No. 1 hits like Honey Cone, Barry White, Chaka Khan and Leo Sayer.
Parker finally found his own footing with his band Raydio in the late 70’s and some solo work. He seemed destined to become a big name in soul-pop but another song derailed those plans. His biggest hit came when Columbia Pictures tapped him to write the theme song and hit single to Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters, a song that was No. 1 on the Billboard charts for three straight weeks.
Since then, Parker been known just as that guy who wrote the “Who ya gonna call?” song–but he’s accomplished so much more, and continues to churn out the style of music that’s given him a career that’s more impressive than most people know. It’s a well-deserved and long overdue honor. Now check out Ray from the days when people thought he’d rival Prince as a pop star…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kxpsvW2gAE]

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