20 Seconds of Uncomfortable Silence With Chris Matthews [VIDEO]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82ApgvwIw78]

Does anyone remember when The Daily Show used to close out every episode with A Moment of Zen? It was usually some kind of awkward clip–and Chris Matthews managed to work in a similar moment right in the middle of his MSNBC show. That’s why the video hasn’t gotten much attention. Chris Matthews brings in about as many viewers as a homemade sex tape featuring the COED staff. Still, it’s awfully fun to catch up to the awkwardness now.

Keep in mind this isn’t some satellite feed, either. Chris is having a fine time wrapping up a news segment with his two guests, and we’re thinking that some eager young producer got too excited about counting down the time before the next commercial. That leaves Chris and his guests with 20 seconds of just kind of…well, wondering what the heck is happening. We suddenly feel qualified to work at MSNBC. Not because we know how to read a timer, but because we’re really good at standing around and wondering what the heck is happening.
Let’s also add that we’re not endorsing the Youtube channel that we’re linking to here. We don’t know what TruthRevolt is, but we don’t want to get into trouble if they believe in some kind of crazy truths. If it was called TrulyRevolting, we’d be worried that they have the COED Staff Sex Tape.

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