Marietta Chrousala Turns 31, Here's 31 Hot Pics [PHOTOS]

Marietta Chrousala is turning 31 years old today–that being March 11, 2014–as one of Greece’s brightest stars. She’s also a sad reminder that the people of Greece get to wake up to hot bikini models like Marietta Chrousala while we get boring news readers. Remember how that kid from Dawson’s Creek had to wake up to fantasies of Katie Couric? Man, the ’90s were hard.
Anyway, Marietta Chrousala wakes up plenty of her countrymen with her stint as the host of a morning game show called “I Ellada Pezei.” We can’t tell you much about that show, outside of the fact that it has a much more attractive host than The Price is Right and Let’s Make A Deal does here in the States. We can say that the show seems to wisely give Marietta plenty of time to chat up her guests and have a lot of fun. We know that we’d have fun watching.
Before that, Marietta was a Miss Universe representing Greece way back in 20013. She’d already gotten a degree in Mass Media and Communication, so it wasn’t too big of a surprise when Marietta became a television personality. We don’t know how many television personalities in Greece moonlight as bikini models, but we wish that we had more gals like that–which reminds us that Marietta is good pals with  Maria Menounos, so there’s a good influence.
Anyway, it’s an international sensation over here at COED as we celebrate this…um, international sensation. Just consider it our way of having one morning that’s as fabulous as folks are having in Greece…

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