New Taco Bell App Lets You Order Ahead, Really Not Just For Stoners

Taco Bell has found a way to eliminate having to wait in line to get your next meat and cheese fix by offering an app that lets you order before you even set foot in the store.  The new smartphone app locates the Taco Bell location nearest you and then lets you place an order to that location. You can also pay for it through your phone so all you have to do is walk in and pick up your food. It’s as simple as that. [Image via justgrimes/Flickr]
Just imagine a world with no more lines in it. We could just walk up and get what we need without having to wait behind other people and pretend that we don’t want to play connect the dots with the pimples on the back of their neck.
We’re sure that college students and lovers of quick and cheap Mexican food everywhere are rejoicing, but Elite Daily has taken an interesting twist in covering the news. They seem to think that Taco Bell’s sole clientele are whacked-out stoners who can’t function at anything in life unless they have a bong in one hand. They think that the stoner’s ultimate goal in life is to have a piece of technology that magically makes munchies appear without them having to climb out of their beanbag chairs and put on pants to fulfill their insatiable hunger. That’s not entirely accurate. We do have higher aspirations than just what are our stomachs crave. We wish video games worked the same way as well.

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