Worst Job Ever: Intern Shocked With 80K Volts–And More Morning Links

A tech startup called Chaotic Moon Studios are really making their intern earn his college credits. According to our friends over at Maxim, the company was testing a new drone called CUPID, or Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, which is supposed to recognize an intruder and send video to your phone. If you decide that the drone should detain the intruder, then CUPID will blast the intruder with 80,000 volts from a stun gun. If you’d like to watch the video of this helpless intern get zapped, simply CLICK HERE.
And here are some more links to kick off your Tuesday morning…
•  Amazing Fox News typo: “Best Spelling Be Ever” [Extra Mustard]
•  Here’s a picture of Lena Dunham and Barack Obama on a double date [Huffington Post]
•  ‘Workaholics’ stars get invited to live porno taping [TMZ]
•  Girls in glasses…need I say more [The Chive]
•  1980s Hard Rock Song Fantasy Draft [Mandatory]

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