"Beerfest" Beauty (& Miss COED) Simona Fusco Is Busted [PHOTOS]

We’re always happy when a Miss COED like Erin Johnson and Skye McDonald goes on to greatness–and a little saddened when a gal like Simona Fusco gets arrested over possession of a controlled substance. And yet TMZ is reporting that the former Miss COED (and now professional matchmaker) has a date with the law. We’d immediately dismiss the entire thing as clearly false, except that the news report claims that Simona Fusco first caught the attention of the cops while two guys were arguing over her.
That sure seems believable. After all, Simona has turned plenty of heads during her career as an actress and model. She started out in shows like Entourage and Baywatch back in 2003, but made it to the multiplexes by 2006 in the Broken Lizard comedy Beerfest. The elegant blonde has stayed busy ever since. She’s an entrepreneur, too, since Simona also stays busy (as noted) running a matchmaking service where she serves as the ultimate wingman. Er, wingwoman. Whatever it is, you can be sure that Simona is very good at her job.
Well, we’re not really ones to judge here at COED. It could just as easily have been us getting into trouble after an innocent night out at the bars, with two gals fighting over us and then the cops coming over and mistaking our Willie Wonka Giant Pixy Stix Candy Straws for something a little worse. We probably wouldn’t shove a police officer, though. Did we mention that Simona reportedly shoved a police officer?
But then, what would you expect from one of the stars of Crazy Girls Undercover?Maybe you missed that one, but it can wait until you’re done getting to know Simona right now…

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