Giving Bouncers A Taste of Their Own Medicine [VIDEO]

Unless you’re a gorgeous girl or a celebrity, you’ve probably been in a situation where a bouncer has been less than kind to you, as you patiently wait to get into a bar. Perhaps they’ve made you wait as you watch hordes of other people get in before you or they’ve just flat turned you down from coming into the bar. It’s okay, we’ve been there.
The funny guys over at The LAD Bible posted this video and it has us rolling. The comedian throughout gives the huge bouncers a taste of their own medicine, as he “guards” the door at bathrooms, gyms and other random locations, as the guys just try and get in.
A few highlights: “I think you’ve had enough gym for the day,” as one bouncer tries to get past him into a gym. “That’s the VIP entrance,” as another tries to get into the bathroom. And, to wrap it all up, as the dismayed bouncer walks away from not being allowed into the gym, the comedian shouts, “I’ll be here…or at your momma’s.” This guy has some balls on him. See for yourself…


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