Kidnapped Spanish Girl Found Deep in Amazon Forest

Finally, some good news out of the Amazon rain forest, as a nine-year-old Barcelona girl has been rescued from captivity deep in Bolivia.
The child had been missing since last August when her parents, Moroccan residents in the Catalan city of Hospitalet de Llobregat, allowed her to go on vacation with a Bolivian neighbor they were friends with. Spain’s Civil Guard and Catalonia’s Mossos d’Esquadra police forces worked with authorities to try to determine where the girl and her captor were located. After seven grueling months, police found the pair in a remote part of the Cochabamba region. The kidnapper, Grover Morales, faces charges of human trafficking and sexual abuse. He told television stations that he had permission from the girl’s parents to marry her as he was a Muslim convert.
Now there’s one part of this story where every single one of you reading this should stop and think, “Oh my God, these are the dumbest parents on the f**king planet.” That part, of course, is the fact that these parents let their nine year old daughter go on vacation with their 35-year-old neighbor. What in God’s name did they think was going to happen? This was basically them just asking for their child to be kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. We’re elated that the poor little girl was rescued, but please let Child Services take a deep look into whatever the hell is going on in this family–for her sake and well-being. 

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