Mount St. Mary's Makes NCAA Tournament With 16-16 Record

There’s always that one team that makes the NCAA Tournament with a record that doesn’t look like a tournament team. This year’s would be Mount St. Mary’s, who won the Northeast Conference title on Tuesday night. They will go into the tournament with a 16-16 record for the season. That’s not exactly a great record.

They do have a player named Rashad Whack though so fans will get to enjoy that name during the tournament for at least one game. It is likely that the Mountaineers will either end up in the play-in game or the second round of the tournament as a No. 16 seed so it is likely going to be one-and-done. There is no reason why fans shouldn’t enjoy that while they last though.

Maybe Whack can whack the competition for a half and make the game they are in more interesting. It proves once again why conference tournaments end up bringing subpar teams to the Big Dance if they get hot for a single week. Good luck, Mountaineers; you are going to need it.

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