New Flash Costume: The Latest In Superhero Wear [PICS]

Grant-Gustin-New Flash Costume

So what to make of The CW’s official presentation of The Flash? The superspeedy hero is about to be spun off of the popular Arrow show, but you know how superhero outfits are always problematic for this kind of thing. The bright spandex of the comic books has to be made a lot more realistic for non-geeks. But we’re a little baffled at how The CW has toned down The Flash’s bright-red tights for a look that seems more like a 1940s sex fetishist.
Grant Gustin sure seems happy in the role, though–so check out his supersonic jumping for joy and ponder what it means as we get closer to The Flash debuting on The CW someday…

Grant-Gustin-Flash-Costume i

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