Rating The Forgotten Girl Scout Cookies: More Than Just Thin Mints

Everybody’s celebrating the Girl Scout Birthday today–that being March 12th, and the anniversary of when the organization was founded in Savannah, Georgia. To be more accurate, however, Girl Scouts are celebrating the Girl Scout Birthday while the rest of the country is celebrating Girl Scout Cookies.
There’s good reason for that. This is that very special time of year when  Girl Scout Cookies begin to get delivered to the grateful public that’s very happy to support the organization by buying the best cookies ever made. But are all of these cookies treated equally? It seems to us that most of the population is only concerned with three out of the 12 brands of Girl Scout Cookies that are available for sale.
Did you even know that there were 12 flavors of Girl Scout cookies? Probably not, because you’re one of the multitudes of people who only routinely buy the Big 3 of Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Samoas. But there’s plenty more to the Girl Scout Cookie canon, and we’ve tried them all. So check out COED’s Definitive Rating of the 9 Forgotten Girl Scout Cookies. That’s with “9” being the worst and “1” being the best–but you could probably guess that with how we start out here…

#9: Cranberry Citrus Crisps

Cranberry Citrus Crisps? Really? Who approved this over at the Girl Scout cookie camp? This is simply a “crispy” cookie with bits of cranberry in it.  No, thank you. This is why people end up just ordering ten boxes of Thin Mints.

#8: Lemonades

It’s not that we have anything really against the Lemonades–there’s just not much going on here. The cookie–which, admittedly, is a tangy shortbread topped with lemon icing–is just a little boring for our taste.

#7: Trefoils

The Trefoil is a tasty shortbread cookie. It’s a classic, but it’s also a bit on the safe side. There’s not really anything going on with the Trefoil. In its defense, the Trefoil has been around forever, which is pretty good for a cookie with the word ‘”foil” in its name. This one is still a staple that’s usually passed over for the much cuter Samoa. We still like you, Trefoil.

#6Thank You Berry Much

Although it’s similar to the loser of the group (that’s the Cranberry Citrus Crisp), the Thank You Berry Much goes above and beyond with the addition of the white chunk fudge. This flavor helps to balance out the tartness of the cookie, and we like the results of this blatantly underrated option.

#5Dulce de Leche

Inspired by the classic American confection, these awesomely sweet cookies are packed  with milk caramel chips. That is correct. These cookies have gloriously tasty milk caramel in them, which is just as tasty as it sounds.


Thanks-a-lot, Thanks-A-Lot! These tasty shortbread cookies with fudge on the bottom are a surefire hit, and are way overdue to be rediscovered.

#3Savannah Smiles

This relatively new cookie–first introduced in 2012–basically took the Lemonades and made them a whole lot cooler by adding lots of powdered sugar. The Savannah Smiles are also in a shape of a smile. That’s a nice little pick-me-up if you’re feeling down-and-out while indulging in an entire box of cookies by yourself.

#2Chocolate Chip Shortbread

The Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookie is exactly what it sounds like. This treat ups the Trefoil’s game by adding in plenty of chocolate chips–which remain the best ingredient ever for any cookies.


Do-Si-Dos are the clear winner in the forgotten and underrated Girl Scout bunch. We know that the beloved Tagalongs can offer chocolate and peanut butter, and we’ve talked about how chocolate is a vital part of a cookie. Nonetheless, the Do-Si-Dos get the job done as a peanut butter sandwich cookie with crisp oatmeal on the outside and creamy peanut butter inside. Keep up your stellar work, Do-Si-Do, and let’s try to get you into the Big 3!

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