The LA KISS Football Team Has New Uniforms & Black Turf

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from the rock band KISS are bringing an Arena Football team to Los Angeles named after their band. If that didn’t sound insanely cool enough, check out the uniforms that the players will wear when they take to the field.

The team’s owners, Simmons, Stanley, band manager Don McGhee and AFL team owner Brett Bouchy, unveiled the new uniforms for LA’s new team at a special press conference and on Twitter. They are basically just a giant fiery mess surrounding the players’ helmets and shoulder pads with black and white trim. In other words, it’s exactly what you would imagine a KISS-inspired football team to look like if the league still had bans on players wearing full face makeup and  metal spikes on shoes and shoulder pads.
It’s actually a pretty interesting choice for a uniform. They didn’t just pick some dopey colors and a logo design and slap them on the helmet and the uniform. They actually went with a really vibrant design and slathered the whole uniform with it. It looks pretty insane and must feel a bit intimidating as you’re squaring off against them.
You can’t get more “rock and roll” than lighting something on fire, and we’re sure that actually doing that to the players would be detrimental to the team. If anything, it makes us wish that GWAR would create their own team so they could create some equally insane costume for their players and we could watch the two battle it out as if it were some bizarre world war of heavy metal. And to make the team even more bad-ass, check out the miracle of the team’s new black playing field–with end-zones featuring the KISS logo, and another KISS logo at the center in the shape of a guitar pick. It looks like Michael Bay should be shooting their highlight films…

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