20 Things You Didn't Know About Drinking During Spring Break

We’re in the midst of Spring Break and heading into St. Patrick’s Day (which is really St. Patrick’s Weekend), so we’re going to make a pretty bold prediction that some drinking might be in everybody’s future. That’s cool. The only problem is that Spring Break is often about road trips, which leads to plenty of drinking in unfamiliar environs.
That mostly means that everyone needs to be responsible and not put yourself in a bad situation. It also means that a lot of people might get seriously surprised to learn that the local liquor laws are different than in their hometown. You might stroll up to a place to buy some beer at 11 pm and get lectured by a cashier about how they can’t sell you anything without getting a huge fine.
Or you might be planning to party all night long and discover that it’s Tuesday and the bar is going to close at midnight. That is not good. So here are some vital tips that cover the 20 Most Popular Spring Break Destinations. Not the 20 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations, but where we know that people are actually heading to for a party.
So learn some vital local rules, and maybe even a few fun facts. But you won’t learn any vital pointers on what constitutes a DWI, because we don’t need anybody even hedging their bets about drinking and driving. You shouldn’t need us to tell you that’s a law against nature right there…

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