The Next "Angry Birds" Game Will Be A RPG

Another Angry Birds game is on the horizon and even though it’s bound to be unlike any Angry Birds game you’ve ever played, it’s definitely going to be somewhat like every turn-based role playing game you’ve ever played.
That’s because the new Angry Birds game is taking a bold, weird turn and becoming a RPG with the release of Angry Birds: Epic, according to an announcement released Wednesday by Rovio Entertainment. It basically sounds like a tactical, army building RPG in which you send wave after wave of your warriors into battle against an onslaught of enemies. This time, instead of commanding armies of bloodthirsty orcs who wear the bones of their enemies as armor, your army consists of cute, colorful, adorable birds.
There isn’t much information on the style of gameplay but it sounds like your basic turn-based RPG with the usual Angry Birds twist of birds fighting fantastical variations of the evil pig menace. It’s an interesting, fresh take on the franchise that sounds like it could work if the gameplay is varied enough and gives players enough to reasons to come back and pick up where they left off with each session. They’ve been straying from the fortress destroying style of gaming that made them popular like with the recent racing free-to-play game Angry Birds Go!. We always enjoy a fresh take on a new classic but we’re really hoping that someday they’ll go back to the bird launching, pig crushing game that got us addicted to Angry Birds in the first place.

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