Bro Trolls ThoughtCatalog, Gets Fake Feminist Essay Published

If you’ve been on the hyperemotional twentysomething website Thought Catalog before, then you’ve probably rolled your eyes at more than a few essays on it. The site is known for having rather dramatic (and, piurely coincidentally, female-driven) topics. It’s the kind of website where you find headlines like, “15 things I Wish I Could Tell the Guy Who Broke My Heart.”
An enterprising bro over at (who bills himself as “AryanOfValhalla”) decided to call out the website by penning an incredibly over-the-top feminist essay, simply to see if they would publish it. To his delight–and to no guy’s real surprise–they did. The bro started a thread on Saturday with the title, “OMFG I wrote a satire article ‘5 Things Women Need To Do In Their 20’s.'” Go to that link to go to the article, but the thread is lots of fun, too.
And here’s what “AryanofValhalla” has to say, although we wish that we were quoting a guy with a username that didn’t sound so much like code for guys of a certain bent…

I can’t believe my eyes misc, I was bored one evening a week ago and so I wrote a satire article from the perspective of a twenty something feminist woman and sent it in to Thought Catalog, 
A few minutes ago I got an email saying they published the article 
My penname is Anne Gus , as an homage to the misc 
It’s happening

We still gotta give the guy props on being a great troll. When you read the article with the new found information that a shirtless bro wrote it…well, it’s glorious, especially with lines like this in support of majoring in Women’s Studies: “This one is a no-brainer. If you don’t agree you’re probably an ignorant, sexist, transphobic, slut-shaming mysogynist cis white male and possibly a rapist.”
Bravo, Thought Catalog–and we’re not convinced that the blurb at the end (“Laughed At This Article?”) was always there.

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