Coco Austin Is 35: We Celebrate With Her 55 Sexiest Pics [PHOTOS]

Coco Austin–aka Coco-T, in her role as Ice-T’s legendary wife–is turning 35 years old today, and there’s some real longevity. We don’t just mean how the petite powerhouse has remained a hot package that keeps bursting out at the seams. We’re also impressed at how Coco and Ice-T have managed to maintain their marriage since getting together in 2001. The aspiring¬†model was only 22 years old when she married the controversial rapper, but the pair have managed to become one of showbiz’s more enduring couples.
Of course, it kind of helped that Ice-T ended up playing a cop on a long-running television show and settled down in New Jersey with his bride. We also know that Coco manages to keep the relationship fresh by supplying her hubby with plenty of amazing new pics of her wild bod crammed into all kinds of tight outfits.

Ice-T is certainly proud of his wife, and had made sure that Coco Austin has shared pics of her coconuts with the rest of the world. That included a 2008 modeling stint in Playboy. Coco’s also had some success on her own, including a stint replacing Holly Madison in a Las Vegas revue.¬†And we should probably note that the biggest scandal in Coco’s marriage came about when rapper AP.9 pulled out some topless photos as evidence that Coco had cheated on her husband.
That was unexpected, but it certainly helped Coco’s reputation as being a real wild gal instead of just a (nicely) packaged pop-culture product. We’ll also note that Coco has undergone a medical exam to prove that her awesome ass is 100% real. We can’t say the same for her breasts, but you’ll want to check for yourself as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with 55 pics of a birthday girl who’ll get you green with envy…

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