Allison Argent of "Teen Wolf," RIP: Crystal Reed Lives On [PHOTOS]

Teen Wolf killed off one of its most popular cast members last night–but that’s how it goes in the rough world of MTV shows that have to prove they don’t have anything to do with Michael J. Fox comedies. Allison Argent was played by Crystal Reed, and fans loved watching the normal high-school gal turn into a lethal archery expert over the past three seasons. Of course, the actual plot has gotten contrived over Teen Wolf‘s past three seasons, but all you reall need to know is that there was another battle between feuding supernatural sects, and Allison got fatally stabbed with an Oni sword. Those things are dangerous.
The important thing is that Allison Argent got to die in the arms of her beloved Scott McCall (played by Tyler Posey) and Crystal Reed got to leave Teen Wolf–which was her idea. We first noticed her in the sci-fi saga Skyline back in 2010, and we can’t disagree with Crystal for thinking that maybe she can move on to better things. Check out these pics to see why we think she’s a big-screen beauty waiting to happen. And don’t make fun of any depressed teenage girls you see walking around today. Allison was loved…

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