Check Out Cleveland Cavaliers' 3D floor projection system [Video]

Imagine playing basketball in space? Instead of looking down and seeing a basketball court beneath you, there would be nothing but the infinite beyond. Well, this is now (sort of) a reality–as the Cleveland Cavaliers brought out a 3D projection system for the court at Quicken Loans Arena.

Although the Cavs have suffered a godawful season in 2013-14, we’re going to guess that this new projection system will be cheering the fans, as well as the players, up on a weekly basis. The display system has several aspects of typical video board packages, such as highlights from this year’s team and other seasons, however, they go pretty wild with some of the graphics. Let’s just hope the team can be as good as their opening bit. Otherwise all the money they spent on this fun gadget might go to waste…

[vimeo 88549122 w=600 h=350]

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