Denver News Station Puts Penis On Air, Panic Ensues [VIDEO]

Well, a Fox News Station in Denver definitely just aired a penis on live television. That would be KDVR News 31, which accidentally showed the public a little more than they were expecting while putting a camera directly on a producer’s Twitter account. We’re not sure exactly what we’re to think of the producer (or the Twitter account, which we’re suspecting has already been deleted), but it was particularly bad timing as the news team discussed a fatal helicopter crash in Seattle.
In any case, the reaction of the newscasters is absolutely priceless–and that’s during a week when we’ve already seen some amazing reactions from newscasters. We should also note that this video is inherently Not Suitable For Work. We mentioned the penis, right? Anyway, check out the video if your boss is cool, and be amazed at the one guy who really does keep his composure. You’ll still wish that it had been Ron Burgundy….

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