Man Tries to Take the World's Most Dangerous Selfie and Fails

A man in Spain tried to take a picture of himself in a very precarious setting–and died. Which instantly made for the Most Dangerous Selfie Ever, if he actually took the picture. (Meanwhile, we’ve saluted other fine post-accident selfies, which is doing it right.)
The unidentified 21-year-old male wanted to take a picture of his adventures with his iPhone, but he wanted to do something more daring than just stand in public smiling into his own camera or posting pictures of his latest meal on Instagram. Instead, he got the bright idea to try and take a picture of himself from the top of a train. He and a friend climbed onto the roof of the train to take a picture of their daring idea, and things probably went great until he touched the live overheard cable that powered the train. The accident sent thousands of volts through his body and killed him instantly. His unidentified friend also received a massive electric shock, but he survived the accident and is currently listed in serious condition in a local hospital.
Sure, we’re all guilty of taking a self portrait with our phones just so we could brag to our friends about the places and events in our life–but we’ve never thought, “Hey, let’s take a selfie on top of that large moving object that could kill us in ways we can’t possibly fathom just by looking at it.” Our phone’s lousy roaming plans alone would put a stop to that horrible idea. So let this be a lesson to you. If you have a better roaming plan than ours, which is likely.

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