OJ.com Is Still For Sale, And Untouched Since 1995

So what happens if you decide to ever idly enter OJ.com into your browser? You’ll discover a magical journey back to a time when the letters “OJ” didn’t translate into a miscarriage of justice. In fact, the site still seems covered with virtual dust from when it was launched in 1995.
The good news is that the official OJ site isn’t affiliated with OJ Simpson (and hopefully never will be, unless he can turn enough cigarettes into money to buy it). The really good news is that the site has managed to stay active despite being a defiant dinosaur of the internet. There are Geocities sites that look slicker and more modern than this collected of animated text GIFs and Java animations.
From what we can tell, the site is run by some kind of advertising company with a lot of patience and hope that someday they’ll be able to cash in their cyber creation. Hopefully, to an orange juice magnate with a lot more money than sense. The copyright stamp on the bottom of the page notes that it was created in 1995. But even advertising-hating hippies now the only way to sell orange juice is with youth and vibrancy. A website like this just reminds us how old we are and that not even almighty OJ can turn back the clock on our own mortality.
Here’s the best part: The site is for sale. A quick scan of OJ.com’s “Whois” profile revealed that the owners are located somewhere in Illinois, and are still interested in potential offers for their citrus-loving website. You can even get in on this action for the rock-bottom price of (get ready) $2.4 million. Given how Coca-Cola and Anheuser-Busch are doing these days, we don’t think the entire orange juice industry has enough money to buy this website.

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