Philadelphia 76ers Have Lost Their 21st Straight Game

There are some NBA teams that are looking to get the best draft pick they can in the upcoming June draft. The Philadelphia 76ers is taking it to a whole new level with a franchise-breaking 21-game losing streak that was extended on Monday night in a loss to the Indiana Pacers. The 76ers are now 15-52 for the season and don’t look like they want to win another game the rest of the season.
The NBA record for most consecutive losses is 26 so that is only five more losses away and the team could tie that record on March 27 in Houston. There has to be some point though where the pride of the players comes through and the 76ers actually win a game. The saddest fact is that even with the terrible record, Philadelphia could still make the playoffs if they went on a remarkable winning streak now. That is how bad the Eastern Conference has been this year.
The 76ers have just one player over the age of 27 so they are quite young. There will be a turnaround someday or maybe even next season but this one is going to go down in the ages as one of the worst ever.

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