Spoiled Teenager Finally Drops Stupid Lawsuit Against Her Parents

Rachel Canning, or as the world knows her, the 18-year-old girl who moved out of her parents’ home and then sued them for college tuition, asked a court to¬†dismiss her case Tuesday.
Canning had alleged that she was kicked out of the house because her parents “didn’t like her boyfriend.” Her mom and dad argued that she left voluntarily because she didn’t want to play by their reasonable rules. It pretty much all sounded like a family squabble that should have stayed far, far away from an actual court.¬†Canning had been staying with her best friend, the daughter of attorney and former New Jersey freeholder John Inglesino. Inglesino reportedly encouraged Rachel to file the suit and spent as much as $13,000 to help her go through with it. Um, that’s not creepy or anything? Did anyone look into this?
Anyway, at the end of the day, we’re glad that the 18-year-old has decided to drop the suit and start acting a little more responsible. We’re sure her parents are elated, as well.

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