Google Unveils New Plans for Android Watch

On Tuesday Internet giants Google unveiled plans to help develop voice-controlled smartwatches and other wearable computers, based on its Android mobile operating system. First Apple and now Google…we’re starting to think that watches are seriously the next big thing in technology. As usual, both Google and Apple are going to be in fierce competition.

A video posted on Google’s blog on Tuesday showed people speaking into their watches to check sports scores, control music, send replies to text messages and even open their home garages. Basically anything that you would do on your phone, you could do on a watch. LG announced that they plan to introduce the first Android watch or “The G Watch” in the second quarter and Motorola said its “Moto 360” would be ready this summer. Fossil Group Inc, also announced that it would be releasing a smartwatch in the future through Google.

Are smartwatches really that cool of an idea? It seems to us that it might just be a niche item, similar to iPad or any tablet, as opposed to more of a “must-have” like a smartphone. Then again, what do we know? By the year 2020 maybe everyone on Earth will be running around with these insanely fancy watches on. It wouldn’t be the first time that Google and Apple successfully predicted the future.

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