Indiana WR Isaac Griffith In Hospital After Being Swept Under Rip Current

Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver Isaac Griffith will hopefully recover enough to feel lucky to be alive. Griffith was swimming with friends in Florida when all of them got caught in a rip current. Griffith’s friend Mitch McCune saw how bad his friend was struggling, and took charge in grabbing Griffith and getting him to shore. Griffith is now in a medically induced coma as he attempts to recover.
There are stories like this one out there all the time with people who may not be athletes or get the publicity that this story gets but it is a lesson to everyone swimming. Rip currents can be deadly and they nearly were for Griffith. His father told an Indianapolis TV station Tuesday night that Griffith was on a ventilator.
This story could have taken a much worse turn but the quick actions of McCune may have saved his friend’s life. It’s only a matter of time until more is known about Griffith’s condition but the family is indebted to McCune for life now for his quick actions.

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