Maria Menounos Got Chased Real Good Last Night [41 PHOTOS]

“So many Marias,” complains the tag line to the new Chasing Maria Menounos, and the implication is that there’s not enough time. We’re still thinking that plenty of guys found the time to tune in to the Oxygen network for the last night’s debut of Maria’s new reality show. The channel’s made for women, but everybody knows that Maria Menounos is strong enough for a man–especially since the actress also finds time to be an entertainment reporter for shows like  the Today ShowEntertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood when she isn’t indulging herself as a wrestler for the WWE.
So, yeah, there are a lot of Marias. We’d like to collect them all. We’re especially fond of Maria the Breadwinner, who seems to provide for her live-in boyfriend on  Chasing Maria Menounos as the 35-year-old ponders marriage and a family–along with overbearing parents who really want to hold a big fat Greek wedding for their very fit daughter.
We also like Maria as a sex symbol, and the Greek beauty has never let her mainstream career interfere with her posing for some very sexy shots. We didn’t think that the Oxygen channel won’t allow anything so exploitive, but we’re very happy to report that there’s plenty to enjoy if you’re chasing Maria Menounos with the sound turned all the way down.
That will also spare you Maria’s laugh, which we think of as infectious and charming while others consider it to be grating and painful. That’s why we’re really better marriage material for Maria than most other guys. And unlike her boyfriend Keven (not just “Kevin,” of course), it looks like we have a real job. So to speak. Which, in this case, involves showing off some great pics of Maria, in case you need some inspiration to tune in next week…

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